About us – Who Are We?

CAMBRIDGE SPANISH CENTRE – 60, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1LA (at The Alliance Francaise)

      Our Centre provides Spanish lessons and Hispanophone cultural events with the purpose of fostering the teaching of the Spanish language and promoting the culture of Spain and the Spanish-speaking countries around the world.


        • To stimulate interest in the life and culture of the Spanish speaking countries
        • To help students (from primary to tertiary) improve their knowledge of Spanish and examination grades
        • To encourage the life-long learning of the Spanish language

Our Spanish language lessons provide you with opportunities to

        • Understand how Spanish works by learning with native speakers
        • Prepare thoroughly for the GCSE and other school examinations
        • Develop your skills of listeningspeakingreading, and writing
        • Learn Spanish individually, in pairs or in groups (which may include bilingual speakers)
        • Apply your own knowledge and express your ideas – using engaging topics and issues
        • See ways in which Spanish and English share common features

Reasons to join our classes

        • Classes are taught by experienced native teachers
        • Classes are small in number – more individual attention
        • Close to the city centre
        • Cultural sessions which are informative and enjoyable: Spanish and Latin American Food & Wine, Music, Books & Films, Travel & Fashion.

Contact Us

        If you are interested in finding out what we can offer you, please send us an email at:


You can also visit our facebook page Cambridge Spanish Centre Facebook.